Buying Vs. Leasing

Should I Buy or Lease?

You've found the car or truck you love; now it's time to figure out your finance options. To buy or lease, that is the question.  If you are uncertain about what is right for you, we're here to help!

The biggest difference between buying and leasing is ownership.  Buying a car means that the vehicle is yours to do with and drive for as long as you like.  Leasing on the other hand is like renting in that the vehicle is not yours, is usually returned to the owner after all payments are made, and has to be kept in good condition.

Consider BUYING if you:

  • Like to drive or have a long commute - no worry; buying means unlimited miles
  • Plan to have a large down payment
  • Want to customize - personalizing with aftermarket equipment is allowed
  • Expect to keep the vehicle for more than a few years
  • Want to own the vehicle free and clear - once all payments are made the vehicle is yours

    Consider LEASING if you:

    • Can anticipate annual mileage needs over the next few years - miles are limited
    • Keep your vehicle clean and in good working condition
    • Like having the 'latest and greatest' - leasing can mean a new car more frequently
    • Value the convenience of returning your vehicle at the end of the agreement
    • Prefer to have a vehicle that is under warranty


      What are my options when it is time to renew my lease?

      At the end of your lease, you have your choice of three different options:

      • Purchase or lease a new vehicle
      • Purchase your leased vehicle for the price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees)
      • Return your leased vehicle (after satisfying any lease-end obligations, such as mileage, wear and use charges and any applicable lease Disposition Fee)

        How do I purchase my leased vehicle?

        You can purchase your leased vehicle for the lease-end purchase price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees).

        What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance?

        Any mileage that exceeds the amount allowed on your contract is assessed a charge at lease-end. If you choose to purchase your vehicle at lease-end, you will not be charged for any additional mileage

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